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Welcome to my business! I’ve been a stylist in the Murrieta valley for over 10 years. Initially I wanted to do hair to be creative, and make connections with people. I knew I wanted something more personal than what I felt corporate America could offer me. I quickly found my passion in helping people feel like a better version of themselves. I can’t imagine a career more fulfilling that still allows me to prioritize my family.  


Like most women I know, I wear many hats. However, I take the most pride in being a wife, and mom. When I’m not in the salon I’m a total homebody that values the simple things in life. It doesn’t take much to fill my cup. My family, some fresh outdoor air, and good company just about do it for me.


I know the trust my clients put in me every time they allow me to touch their hair. That is why it is so important for me to have great communication and honesty with any guest who sits in my chair. It’s not enough to just take face shape, and skin tone into mind when creating a look for one of my guest. Personality, lifestyle, and budget also play a huge part in creating a custom hairstyle. It is my objective to strategize a game plan to help you achieve your hair goals. All while providing you with the education that is necessary to achieve this goal and maintain your hair at home.


Ultimately I want my guests to look and feel great when they leave the salon. But my goal is that my guests are equipped with the knowledge, and products to look even better in between your salon visits.


If you’re ready to sit with a stylist that will not only make your hair beautiful, and educate you on how to keep it that way. Set up a consultation. I’d love to chat with you about what is possible.

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